Amerified streamlines the procurement process and creates opportunities for US manufacturers

Our Story

We are a team of infrastructure experts with a focus on placing Buy America compliant products into major transportation projects.


Our founder, Brian, has spent his career in the infrastructure industry. While he was a firm supporter of the Buy America laws, he quickly realized that the implementation of these laws created some major complications in the infrastructure industry. Suddenly, there was a demand for US-made products but no easy way to connect builders with compliant companies. Projects were halted while compliant manufacturers had no way of learning of their existence. Brian knew he needed to streamline the process of placing Buy America compliant products on major infrastructure projects, thus supporting US-based companies while expediting the construction process. From this goal, Amerified was born.

What We Do

We are manufacturers reps for quality companies and their products that comply with Build America, Buy America (BABA).


Through our network of resources, we also help advise manufacturers on the intricacies of Buy America.


Our portfolio of companies is being used by some of the top architects, engineers and contractors in the country who are seeking to streamline the process of identifying quality products that meet federal requirements.

The Team

Brian Kronberg


Brian has 18 years of experience working in construction and transportation infrastructure. Working on projects exclusively within the United States, he has held leadership roles on major construction projects totaling over $6 billion. He received an undergraduate degree in Finance at Tulane University and an MBA at the University of Miami where he was awarded valedictorian of his class.

Brad Steinberg


Brad has 15 years experience owning and operating a 100+ person distribution company (PWS Inc.), in which the majority of sales came from American-made products.  In his time at the company, he doubled revenue and grew EBITDA by 10x. Before his time running PWS, he was an investment banker at Credit Suisse. He graduated summa cum laude from Tulane University

Jennifer Miller


Jennifer has 15 years experience leading operations of a major real estate owner, handling all aspects of day-to-day activities, legal and contract work, personnel and technology decisions.  Before her work in operations, Jennifer worked as an associate at the law firm of Milstein, Adelman & Kreger.  She graduated undergrad from University of California at Santa Barbara and has a law degree from Georgetown University.